Flexible WordPress Solutions

Although we have experience using other CMS solutions, we specialise in WordPress - the most used system in the world

The World of WordPress

WordPress is ultra flexible and allows us to build you a web solution that meets yours, and your customers’ needs. It’s used by more than 60 million websites – approx 32% of all websites – and we’re experts with it!

Core Features

Combining WordPress with our capabilities delivers!

Drag & drop page configuration

We only apply easy to use drag & drop page builder solutions, meaning you can focus on your campaign strategy.

500+ module library

Pages of all types can be created easily with a wide range of tools available in our module library.

Responsive for use on tablet and mobile devices

Everything we build is developed to work across multiple devices and browsers. Acting as mobile-first is essential!

WordPress Page Builders

We have officially approved two page builders from the hundreds out there, but we can use any

With a code-free interface you can build anything from a one page parallax site or multi site configuration within minutes.  

This provides an easy to use interface for creating, updating, and optimising your website’s entire content. Combined with other plugins, it empowers you to control key digital marketing aspects such as campaign landing pages, SEO and data capture for sales enablement.

An easy to use drag and drop structure perfect for making average sized sites with users wanting to make quick and easy updates to text, images, videos and much more. 

With the option to add multiple plugins with the WordPress environment, we have the ability to expand on the already excellent features on offer from Elementor which include front-end editor options, multiple device content control, and much more.

Configuration flexibility

With page dividers, easy to adapt colour and text rules as well as various other features, Elementor has an interface aimed at making life easier.

Wordpress Enterprise Platform Features

An Enterprise CMS Platform, built on the foundations of WordPress with an optimised framework of modules and controls for Financial Services Marketers.

Publishing Approval Workflow

Integration of publishing Workflow controls allow multiple business departments to participate in the creation and approval of content, coupled with reporting and notification features.

Multi Site Content Distribution

With the multi site controls you can manage multiple websites from one WordPress instance - managing the distribution of shared content, coupled with complex content taxonomies.

Compliance Management & Reporting

With integrated compliance controls you can track and archive all published content. Every update made to your website is stored in an un-editable format for compliance purposes.

Two Factor Authentication

Administrative access to the WordPress admin is gated by either Two Factor Authentication or Single Sign On services. Locking down access to those who need it.

Content & SEO Configuration & Management

SEO meta data and content can be measured and optimised within the platform to ensure your content supports on page and off page SEO objectives.

Google Analytics Integration

All websites and portals are integrated with Google Analytics, with the option of utilising Google Tag Manager and our custom reporting dashboard.

Event Management

Manage your complete event experience from registration, engagement and post event communications from the enterprise platform.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your social media channels into the platform and enable publishing of content from your website onto your social channels.

Fund Tool & Portal Integration

Our fund tools and portals can be integrated seamlessly into the WordPress platform and allow co-mingling of data and content for enhanced campaigns.

Campaign & Landing Pages

Complex campaigns or simple landing pages can be implemented by marketers without any coding required, ensuring efficient and focused campaign initiatives.

Marketing Automation & CRM Integration

Proven to integrate seamlessly with marketing automation products such as Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua and Dripfeed. Integrates with CRMs such as Salesforce.

Translation / Languages

Our platform can manage multi country sites and languages with the ability to integrate with translation services.

Training & On-boarding

We immerse you in the CMS with on location or online training and on boarding support as users become familiar with the platform.

User Management

Set different types of admin controls and editing entitlements for limitless amounts of users, whether they are team members or third party vendors.

Brand Asset Library

A highly configurable media library ensures digital assets such as images and marketing documents can be stored and managed with publishing and expiry dates.

Plugins & Integration

With hundreds of plugins and many more providers with WordPress integration potential, we consult and provide the suite relevant for you

WordPress’ plugin architecture allows us to extend the features and functionality of a website. There are thousands out there, but selection of the appropriate plugins for the financial sector is vital. We have approved a suite of plugins for our customers, while also building some bespoke to solve specific financial services challenges.

Yoast SEO

Excellent for setting the benchmark of on-page SEO standards. We include this plugin as standard for all of our set-ups so that Google starts reading your site straight away.

Oasis Workflow

Oasis allows users to control the workflow and path of actions through an internal approval process - meaning that nothing will go live until the selected individuals choose to.

Multi-site & Sharing

We built our own plugin to allow our customers to share content - such as articles - across multiple websites with ease.

Gating & Attestation

Specifically for websites with multiple audience types, we built a website gating modal to direct users to the right content - maintaining regulatory integrity.

Plugins allow users to enhance usability and change functions to allow for better experiences, whereas integration with providers is just as important. Integration allows users of WordPress to seamlessly link multiple providers to the content management system and therefore not only unlocking an easier process for back-end users, but also providing a wider set of options to use audio, video, CR, and many other types of digital providers.

Salesforce & Pardot

Salesforce and Pardot to manage customer lists and distribution of documents and other material.


A very popular webchat and video hosting provider.


One of our most integrated video providers.

A vital part of many of our clients' integrated digital strategies to manage client engagement.

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